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Obadun daivid from Nigeria message

Obadun daivid from Nigeria message
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Car from Japan,Japanese used car .I Obadun David Kehinde one of the participants of free give away car from Japan from Nigeria a native of Akure the state capital of Ondo of Ondo state Nigeria,As for me Japanese are noted for the best in their products in automobiles and electronics.Over the past 15 years l have been using their products and I can frankly say that there is no substitution.Furthermore,Car manufactured from Japan is very economical in every way and the fuel consumption is very low in compared with others from other countries.And I have been intending to buy a car for the past 2 years,but all my efforts is not proactive because of the high exchange rate and the economy meltdown.presently $1 to Nigeria naira is #550 and the government of the country is doing nothing about the situation which is causing a lot of hardship and lower possessing power to many Nigerians including me.I request for the price of a Toyota car from Japan last week and when the price was sent to me I was disappointed.because when I converted the total price of the car to Nigeria money ,I couldn’t dear to buy. Total amount in dollars $4950 = # 2,722,500 because inspection fees is not included,custom duty is not included.If you are in Nigeria what I am saying will be meaningful to you.I will like to use this medium to commend the effort of the board of directors and the management of cars from Japan company for giving me this great opportunity to participate in this contest my the lord Go be with you all and crown all your efforts with good success.And i will be very grateful if I eventually wine the car I will like car from Japan funado 2-8-5,itabash-ku,and tokya,Japan come and invite in Nigeria because of her population , strong economy and high demand for car in the country.I am very sure that if you can try all your effort to get a show room at Lagos Nigeria,I am very sure that you will never be let down

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