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Nurul Izzah Afifah BT Che Awang from Malaysia message

Nurul Izzah Afifah BT Che Awang from Malaysia message
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You should pick me as a winner because I will put all my efforts to win a car. I am desperately need a car right now since I am a student and I dont have any income to afford one. I need a CAR FROM JAPAN to go to my college and visit some places to do my assignment. It is hard to move around without a car. Instead of saving money to buy a car, I need to use those money to buy more important things for my studies especially for reference books that are really expensive. On top of that I dont get any Scholarship to afford my studies, so I need to use all my money for my college studies. Having a car would help me a lot since Japanese used car is high in quality, I could survive having this type of car. I will do whatever it takes in order for me to have a car. I dont want to live in a life with loans for car, house and everything that is needed for today nowadays. Entering this competition is one of the first step for me to have a bright future. I need to plan for a better future for myself. If I win this contest it will totally change my life and it would mean a lot for me. I would support this even and help others to win this competition too. I will do everything to get a car from Japan because of its futuristic design, build in high technology and every component to build a car from japan has a very high quality. Therefore this car are super cool and have many function for a safely drive. Japan also had produce many types of car with various of design and all of it are so modern and have a nice design. I will be so lucky if I were selected to win this car and it will give me one of the beautiful experience to get and drive a super nice car that comes from Japan. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate the gift that will be given for me and I will use it wisely. I dont want to expect to lost because I choose to win and I will never give up until I get the CAR FROM JAPAN. No matter what it takes I will focus on this contest and take it seriously so that I will get a better chance to win this contest. This company is the best ever company and I will support it forever.

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