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Nosisa Ncube from USA message

Nosisa Ncube from USA message
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I think I should be chosen as the winner of the Japanese used car competition that CAR FROM JAPAN is running. I am in desperate need of a car and my family simply cannot afford one at this point in time. I commute to school every single day and the bus is not cheap. Furthermore because I do not drive and the bus is never available during the weekends, I miss out on a lot of school events. This is unfortunate because I need to participate at school in every way in order to make the most of my college experience. Cars are expensive and I cannot afford one which is why I am grateful for an opportunity such as this and most certainly hope I can be one of the lucky winners. Nothing would make me more happy and I am proud to see there are still companies like CAR FROM JAPAN that are doing great things in the world and helping out people like me.

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