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Nkosilathi Sibanda from Zimbabwe message

Nkosilathi Sibanda from Zimbabwe message
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CAR FROM JAPAN Japanese used car.
Dear Lan

Greetings from Zimbabwe, I trust this message finds you well.

I am excited about the opportunity of winning a car,which would be my first car ever. Hope I win

More importantly however, I believe I actually have something to offer to you as well. Knowing well that you do this out of charity, but more out of marketing your brand and your business.

I have a lot of social media presence ,on YouTube and on Twitter. I also believe that, me winning and car from Japan, when I am all the way in Zimbabwe, will great increase your popularity and draw interest in your services as most of the country buys cars from Japan’ Bfoward.This could divert sales to you.

I hope you consider my application as well my willingness to work in promoting your brand.

Kind Regards

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