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Njabulo Mathokoza Mabuza from Swaziland message

Njabulo Mathokoza Mabuza from Swaziland message
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You should pick me as a winner because here in Mozambique where I’m working lots of people know that i use to order cars from Japan and that can boost your company chances to get more clients to start buying again using me as their agent. Since now the dollar is going down it will be the right time to get started on new customers. The past few years i have bought more than 20 cars which includes your company if I’m not mistaken. For me it will be a bench maker to get this importing business started again. No one can come to an agent if he doesn’t have a car. My last car broke down it over heated and needs Cylinder headgasket complet set which I can’t find here only over seas. CAR FROM JAPAN is a good platform for us to use, buy cheap car of our dreams. Not forgetting best bargains, best quality and best services and trustworthy professionals. And lastly you company asept 50/50 payment plan. That’s worth a lot to us. Thank you for your time and consideration and opportunity you gave me.
Yours sincerely Njabulo m Mabuza

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