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nithiya partheeban from India message


As we all know japan is known as techno country as well as kings of car manufactures in the world.Japanese companies like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Mazda etc has produced hundred of car models that sold a lot of units worldwide. The reason for this is that Japanese cars are durable, classy, sporty and not priced as high as German cars. They are perfect for ordinary folks to buy. Japanese cars also are highly sophisticated in terms of their gadgetry. Their cars usually include lots of new improvements.Japanese cars have been known for a long time as the most economic cars in the world. Japanese cars are known as the most high quality cars and gas saving around the world. In terms of efficiency, Japanese cars are known to perform at its best. With a reasonable price and a good engine, you’ll be sure that it is money well spent.Despite facing overwhelming disaster, Japanese manufacturers are known for their ability to improvise and adapt in times of hardship. japan’s ability to produce popular, reliable, and affordable cars throughout the resulted in Japan becoming the largest car-producing nation in the world. I feel proud to be a part of this campaign. i wish they pick me as winner as i wanted to gift the car to my father who goes 28 km by scooty in just 3 hours to reach the office in time though we live in telangana in India the metro are still in progress. There are many people across our house who go just by scooty like my father as the buses wont usually come in time. if chosen a winner iam sure that i and my father . and the commuters of the area would do car pooling everyday to save fuels and to make our efforts to the brighter future of our country

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