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Nina Steve from Nigeria message

Nina Steve from Nigeria message
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I adore Japanese cars, it is adorable, lovely and strong. Aside leisure, car from Japan suits our rough and sturdy Nigerian roads.
I am in dire need of mobility. My children are still toddlers and I have to take them to school and back. I need to attend my daily businesses but I cannot afford to pay for one here due to the current economic situation in the country, which we find ourselves in. That’s the reason why I must win.

I intend to campaign for more market for the car from Japan, help liaising with the high powers and dealers to reduce the stringent measures by which shipping and clearance of cars from Japan would be more easy.

2007 Rav4.. Car from Japan . I believe I would win it. I want to write a. Eulogy about 2007 Rav4 titled ‘The Rebirth. ‘

Rav4 my Rav4, ‘YOU’ are a life-long concept. As long as you live and die, you are a phenomenon, an entity and an embodiment. You are a subject matter, a force to reckon with and a point of reference. Whether you are good or bad, you must always be discussed, quoted or misquoted. People will always talk about you. My Rav4!

‘Rav4 2007 Model’ is a name other people call you. It is a summary of all you are, all you have achieved and all that you are set to become. Anybody can be anything but nobody can be you, even if you were born identical twins. (Like the other cars).

From the day ‘YOU’ were formed in the factory and started making your progressive journey to the world, you inherited uniqueness (you in you). No car was ever you and no one will ever be you-instead they may look like you, but definitely not you.

‘YOU’ have a role to play in maintaining this uniqueness (you in you). It is very easy to get mixed up in the crowd, because of the society we live in. Firstly, the first crowd you meet upon birth is your Toyota family. No one knows or identifies you as you, except through your family. The family gives you a name, an identity and makes major decisions for you. Of course your family belongs to a community and the community is part of a larger society. All these are crowds and the more you mix up, the more you conform to their standards. Rav4!

It doesn’t matter if your owner were poor or rich, it is not about the kind of fuel or diesel you take in or the kind of other cars you meet on the road – a Burgatti or a taxi…it makes no difference. Obviously, ‘YOU’ know you have the talent and skills.

Your background is solid as a Gold. Your maker took time in forming you. Hush! I Do not wish you were another! I Do not spend a lifetime wishing you could change certain features about you. I love you just the way you are!

Get a mirror and look at yourself. What do you see? Of course what pops to your mind is your name ‘Rav4.’ Look carefully again. Remember, that name was given you at the time you were born or unveiled for the 140 billion people that roam the earth to see. This second look at the mirror should give you a deeper insight of you. So look intently and coin a name for yourself-Rav4 2007.
Something you feel is befitting of you, something beautiful and strong that will project that strong machine whose image you are looking at, through the mirror. From henceforth, that is who you are. -Pure Heaven!!! That is what you should be called. RAV4 PURE HEAVEN.

No one has words strong enough to describe you except you. That you failed a test drive, got accidented by mistake doesn’t mean you failed in being my best car! So you are not a failure.

You think about the brand of the crowd you belong to. Your family perhaps. Your makers are onto developing latest brands, your owner has acquired other brands and you feel dumped and you feel you never did well working hard… Then you say to yourself “I can’t be any different, after all, all the old dumped cars parked here, it’s the same diesel that runs in our veins.” Yes it is the same fuel that flows even in the veins of top shots and celebrity vehicles. So why can’t it be you? My pure Heaven!


You may not be bought into the world’s richest family but the world’s kindest. You may not be bought into the world’s most famous, but the world’s loveliest. You may not be bought into the world’s strongest but the world’s comeliest. You may not be bought into the world’s wisest, but the world’s swiftest.

So move with some air of authority about you, because everything is not all about money, strength, fame, wealth and riches. Tell yourself who you are and the passion that burns in you is enough to make a positive impact.

So from henceforth, this is who you are and when a negative thought tries to sweep across your mind about who you are, always tell yourself: “I know who I am.” Then do not forget that you are taking charge from here. Like the Nigerian road, always remember, it can get rough, sandy, slimy, bumpy or smooth. But if you must get to where you are going to, you need to take caution, set your mind on the destination, drive slowly when it gets too rough, dodge all obstacles, crawl over bumps, speed moderately when it is smooth and always have in mind to skip all hurdles to arrive safe and sound.
By being you, you are saying I love myself the way I am and Nina here can’t wait to have you. To my 2007 Rav4!
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+234 08138349200.

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