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Nimery Faqih from Tanzania message

Nimery Faqih from Tanzania message
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I used to see many cars’ models of various brands from Japan which are easly distinguishable as compared to each other.. I didn’t came with my best car and finally i came up with my nice among all the best Japannese nice cars’ brands, nice creative designing, nice cars’ models and nice to all nice of mine that fits everywhere around the world.
I realized that each model came to the right people and the right places where users/beneficiaries appreciates the creativity that focuses on the prices affordability, accessibility and efficiency of engines to different market niches..
I never had a car in my life but it is my dream to have a nice one from Japan that owned by my co-worker, I never experienced any breakdown, what I remember is a comfort dreams, walking in the sky feeling like in a plane…
As the years turns to decades and centuries the all nice from Japan continues to be nice.. A child born from nice Dad and Mam will be best as the parents.
Proud to dream about the nice Japannese Cars

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