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Nikhil joshi from India message

Nikhil joshi from India message
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Car from Japan seems to be a interesting and healthy competition. I got to know about it through the internet and seem very interesting to me. Every one who has applied has got a fair chance to win prices. I love the concept of point, it is just like a game and simple to play and earn points. The competition is very good and useful for those who want to earn prizes but cannot afford to buy it. Through the competition I am hoping to get my desired gift. Thank you Car from Japan for giving such a wonderfully opportunity to all of us. I love car and I want a Japanese car. I am happy to participate in the contest.CAR FROM JAPAN has engaged themselves in to meet the need of customers has propelled them to a higher level of recognition. The registration in simple and one who got easy access to Internet must register himself. It might increase the competition but the lucky one will get the prize .
I wish car from Japan contest would conduct on weekly bases so that the number of winner would increase and we get something exciting each weekends. It is a good initiative but I have a doubt. I live in middle of the country and the nearest port is very far from here If I win a car how would I receive it.

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