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Nazareth mfune from Malawi message

Nazareth mfune from Malawi message
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My name is Nazareth Mfune from Chembe village , Traditional authority Katumbi Rumphi. Northern Region of Malawi Central Africa. Am 38 years old. Am helping the destitute children (the orphans)So if you can pick me as winner I hope that it will not be me alone but my whole community will be winners.I call myself big customer since I started to japanese cars, they are very realiable. Also my customers who are buying cars from me since 20011 all Cars from Japan they say the same language.So pick me as a winner is to help my community.
At the moment I have 4cars coming this month and all coming from Japan. Malawi is poor country so the cars from Japan are cheap, we manage to buy are these from Japan.

Many people are interested to buy cars but luck of information they fail to do so. But CAR FROM JAPAN COMPANY you have good information that can lead any one to buy something from CAR FROM JAPAN CO. LTD. Those who want to buy car will run to CAR FROM JAPAN CO. LTD and I will direct and help them and I can became your representative. My aim is to win this competition as I know that competition is not a personal action. The individual may aware but has no personal contact with other competitors. The attention of competitors is fixed on goal. I as a car dealer people trust me but to win this competition and to linked with CAR FROM JAPAN It will be the best and people will trust me more. All my customers i will show them best company where they can purchase best and quality vehicles and this CAR FROM JAPAN CO. LTD.
This company is wonderful CAR FROM JAPAN IS NOT JUST SELLING cars, BUT HELPING HAND AND CHANGING THE WORLD. Few companies that can do such big competition like this one. I don’t care how many are on the race; because l knows it’s not really about the competition. Your biggest challenge in a race is yourself. You’re often racing against time. You’re frequently running everything through your mind. You’re always competing against preconceived ideas. It’s not really the person next to you that you worry about discovered that this company meet the need of all people of all levels. The Company helps communities buy empowering us through this campaign. I will work with CAR FROM JAPAN for my life. I will become every strong and productive sale man also if I can be the winner. I will stand and advertise everywhere until the company is known even to children. Also me as a dealer i will be buying. If I can win I will lead many customers to CAR FROM JAPAN. Also The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give and am doing my best to win and to have testimony.

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