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Nate Arroyo from USA message

Nate Arroyo from USA message
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Hey guys. Iv been a fan of jdm cars since i was a kid from gtr to evos to rx7. But to me japan has the best car scene in the world. Im 20 years of age. I have a 92 e36 iv been building for a couple of years. Im in to bmw as well. But my dream would be to own a gtr or just a skyline coupe with a 5 speed. Something i can keep all orignial and take to car shows to show people that americans arnt the only ones who made georgous cars that look amazing stock or hooked up. I want some body to look at it and respect the car for what it is. Thats always been my dream to have one. Some day i will. But till then i guess i have to keep dreaming lol. But yeah. Its not about telling you why i want the car like everybody else does. Its me haveing the love for these cars for the way they are. Not to drift them and ruin them like people up here. Thats what my bmw is for. But my name is nate. I live in pottstown pa. Regardless if i win or not the thought of haveing a chance is good enough for me. Thank you guys for doing this give away. All of my friends know about your website. But ill be sure to put the word out on every social media i have!!! Of and by the way. Your web site Car from japan. Best webside out there for new or used jdm cars

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