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Nanik Handayani from Indonesia message

Nanik Handayani from Indonesia message
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Hello Car From Japan Support 🙂

ı would like to thank you first for this great give away. It’s really very smart from you to make people and families happy who has no car or bad economic conditions.

Well, we are also one of the family from Indonesia, who has no car and also not very good economic conditions. My husband came last year from Turkey to Indonesia and we married here last year. Now we have also a new born baby 🙂

He can not speak Indonesian language so that it is not possible to find a job for him here. He try to make some Network Marketing at home, but its also not really working as well 🙂

If we will be the winner, this will help us very much, because probably we are going to sell the car here and try to make some small business.

I just take a look the website and ı find it very interesting. You are working with many car exporters from Japan together.

And I want to thank CarfromJapan again and again for this very smart give away and hope my family can win the car 🙂

Best Regards

Nanik Handayani

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