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namata Winfred from Uganda message

namata Winfred from Uganda message
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Why I should be picked.

Hi Car from Japan. I trust all is well. I am a Ugandan lady and I have enrolled in this campaign to win a car from you. These are my reasons why I should be picked as winner.

I have previously engaged your websites for a car and am a registered member to your site, I visit these often. I believe I can be a great ambassador of cars from cars from Japan when I receive a car since I will be able to share my story with everyone, on social media and through one on one conversation. Also I believe that your prices are very competitive and you offer very good deals which many should strive to acess.

In Uganda you need to increase your presence and market share so when I win teh car, I will be come one of the first ambassadors to help in building your brand and presence here in the local market.

Further I believe that my family and I will be blessed to drive a car from Car from Japan and share this message about your goodness. I believe that you would also have met a car need that my family is currently facing in order to be able to offer a transport solution for me and my family who work a distance away from the cbd where we work and go to school.

I hope my request will be positively considered.

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