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Nakapa Master from Zimbabwe message

Nakapa Master from Zimbabwe message
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I am very glad to be in the competition . Just being in it is indeed a step ahead for me .and being associated with car from Japan and allowing me to one day own a car . I appreciate your generosity and I pray that I will indeed win a car. Being a musician in my country and playing in a big Reggae band I think if I win a car fro Car from Japan our press here will make big stories of it and will also help market Car from Japan even further . Our country Zimbabwe has a lot of cars from Japan and they are good cars and with back ups for any mechanical faults. Japanese used cars have indeed boosted our Zimbabwean economy and have helped create employment locally.
Car from Japan is friendly user and affordable making even the lowly paid dream of owning a car .
Above all I admire and read all the e mails sent to me by car from Japan that shows the level of dedication the stuff at car from Japan are . Keep up the good work to wheel the whole world. I appreciate your service which is second to non.
Why I think you should pick me as a winner , I am a public figure in my country ,I have an active Facebook page with 4994 close to 5000. My status as a musician would be a plus in marketing Japanese cars in Zimbabwe and neighbouring countries. I will be available at all times to do any marketing work or be used by Car from Japan to enhance their operations.i will be available for any promotional work within or outside Zimbabwe at any given time as per agreement with Japanese used cars.
I would allow car from Japan to use me as a brand Ambassodor in my country ,Zimbawe and beyond .
Lastly and no least I will adhere to all the rules and regulations stated in this competition and I believe I have so far followed and stuck to the rule laid down.
Car from Japan will always be my favourite car and will help spread the word and encourage my country man to get cars Japanese used cars . I do pray that with the above I will defiantly be your choice to win the car and together can make Japanese cars Big. Thank you

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