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Myles Bontuyan from Philippines message

Myles Bontuyan from Philippines message
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Kudos to team who made this giveaway possible, I would like to thank CAR FROM JAPAN and the Sponsors behind it for giving people like me a chance to participate in this campaign. I always love cars, currently I am driving a jiffy/ jeep owned by my father, the said vehicle is quite old, rusty and it make some annoying noise but still I loved every inch of it. I used it quite a lot and I really enjoy the moment driving, its like I am attached to it like we bonded together. But deep inside I know that one day it will retire and it might break my heart but I need to replace it.I looked at cars and I see not just a piece of machine but something much greater, I was searching in the internet for used cars to replace the jiffy/ jeep then I found your website, we all know Japan is well known around the world not just for its advancement in technology but also for its quality in car making, even Japaneses used cars is still in good condition because it is well maintained. As I was scrolling your website I found your campaign (Car from Japan Grand Giveaway 2017) and I thought this is the perfect opportunity. Honestly at this moment I really can’t afford to buy a new car so when I saw the campaign it gave me hope and I didn’t hesitate to join, I really want to thank you for this opportunity especially for making the giveaway available not just in japan but to other countries giving us a chance to participate.
As I was scrolling in your website, I saw cars being sold and I also read some testimonials from the buyers thanking your team for having such a very organize company and not to mention a superb customer care. Based on what I read, your company really did a good job satisfying your customers, one customer says and I quote “nice they are professionals” and another one says “I have dealt with other suppliers in the Past. Car from Japan was my first experience dealing with them, but I notice that they are the best in customer services” and many more satisfied customer thanking for your great service. I always loved to read the comment section because in that section we can find different people giving reviews whether good or bad.I also saw your ratings and just wow they really are so high with the highest rating is given to your customer support.
I wish your company all the best and continue to satisfy more customers in the future, kudos and have a Nice Day.
Best Regards,
Myles Bontuyan

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