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MWAWI JOHN MAKWAKWA from Malawi message

MWAWI JOHN MAKWAKWA from Malawi message
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CAR FROM JAPAN was founded with the ultimate goal of “Enriching Lives” by connecting people and facilitating trades. I think that the company had a vision of connecting people and facilitating trades through selling cars with minimum risk but affordable price, thereby, enhancing transportation as people try to meet for personal or business relations. This is a very great vision that demonstrates that the company wants to contribute in improving people’s life especially from the developing world. This vision has indeed come to pass through excellent customer service and support that has been greatly appreciated through stakeholders’ feedback all around the world mostly posted on the company’s website and facebook page. Car from Japan grand giveaway 2017 is a contest where participants Win prizes every month and get them delivered to them, all for free. Lucky winners receives four Free cars and many other gifts worth of US$30,000 plus. Participants do not need to buy anything or pay anyone to participate in this contest. This is clear evidence that the company has indeed pledged to improve people’s life all round the world through such an opportunity. For example, Mr Gift Sakala from Zambia imaged the first winner of car give away summer 2016 and got away with a car. I also believe winning is possible and know I will be the first winner from Malawi. From there onwards I know I will be the ambassador for the company in my country and also venture into the business as a car dealer helping others from Malawi to get reliable vehicle with minimum risk and at affordable price from Car from Japan Ltd Co. The contest is also an effective brand awareness campaign that has enabled the company’s brand to become popular worldwide by requiring contestants to send the link for the company’s websites to friends and families on different social networks like facebook, yahoo, windows live and many more. this has become a competitive advantage for the company comparing with its competitors like BE Forwarding that is promoting its brand mostly through corporate social responsibility activities. A good example of BE Forwarding social corporate responsibility in Malawi which is a country of my origin in Africa is sponsoring one of the biggest football team called BE Forwarding wanders. CAR FROM JAPAN LTD Co. is also achieving its vision of connecting people through its platform called Car Talk on its website where people discuss on different ways and methods of maintaining, repairing and taking good care of their cars in general which is a great in.

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