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Mussa John from Tanzania message

Mussa John from Tanzania message
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CAR FROM JAPAN ; When you tolk about a Cars from Japan actually yuo focus to the one/first class which their industries producing the car with high quality, Car from Japan can be take a long time without getting problem and this is because the apparatus which used is high quality that take long time without getting problem and when you drive this car you fill very .
For a long time now the car from Japan have in a marketing to different countries than those from other country and this the successful of car from Japan in short we say car from Japan is best in the world.
Otherwise am still happy to visit and to be in this competition it’s my hope to win even if there is the presence of obstacle (challenges) such as language barriers/problem and the type of professional people who are joining in this competition and their came from strong and rich country than Tanzania who has poor people and their still back compared with other countries.

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