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Muhangi m from Uganda message

Muhangi m from Uganda message
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Hello Lan Phan, “CAR FROM JAPAN”,Greetings from Uganda;thank you for this given opportunity to express my feelings about your company.Let me say that, im a big supporter tooth&nail. & that i’ll always be a big supporter, & promoter of your cars here in Uganda.Because of the love i have for them,my target is now to market them wherever i go. Ever since my childhood, TOYOTA is my only type of a car that is even adarling name to many,Let me tell you a short story;In one of our villages,there lived aman who owned a TOYOTA HILUX PICKUP& it was the only means of transport for the whole village,Oneday it was so full that it could hardly move,so people had to walk on foot going to & from the market.Imagine,loading goods only & the owners walk on foot! Good news is that recently things have changed, because now people know about “CAR FROM JAPAN”as a transport problem solved.The situation has greatly improved.Eventhou i dont own any car or vehicle, but, God willing im gonna win this time around. I grewup in a town that had very few or no means of transport, cars were scarse:but, CAR FROM JAPAN came to our rescue & now cars are available & at an affordable price. Transport is no longer a problem or a nightmare. I feel proud when i talk & write about CAR FROM JAPAN because as i write this,all our African roads, are filledby JAPAN models & Makes. You have indeed conquered our african roads especialy my country Uganda!”Toyota is a peoples choice” & i like it too!,however the price of someof your second hand(Used) cars/vehicles should be slashed so that even the poor like me can ably afford them please Make it feel like its pocketfriendly to the poor.However the truth of the matter is that, everybody believes & loves them, as if acar that is not used will never be durable & original!!,” CAR FROM JAPAN”is a big household name wherever you go& has a foundation built on ahard rock& that is not a myth,i love Japans Cars/Vehicles,Trucks Buses & Everything!!!Bravo,thank you CAR FROM JAPAN,Ive been your agent even thou, theres no proof about it.You have avariet of good cars &, i dont feel ashamed to write about it.Its a good thing to have acompany that cares,&gives back to its customers.Sincerely speaking,you lead & others follow because,ever since i came to know about CAR FROM JAPAN,people here in Uganda have started steadly onebyone to own cars.Uganda is a landlocked counry but, we can still afford to buy CARS FROM JAPAN simply because, they are affordable,durable &the availability of Spare parts.Come to Uganda & you would think it is another JAPAN “We only drive made in Japan”machines”Dont you like it thatway? We are ever royal to the great automobiles from Japan,just visit uganda&you’d feel like woow its another Japan,i like that Cool!!!

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