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Muhammad Nor Iqmal Asyraf Bin Nashrol from Malaysia message

Muhammad Nor Iqmal Asyraf Bin Nashrol from Malaysia message
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I am very grateful to the company and the people who sponsor this competition.The reason you pick me as the winner is I do not have very much money to buy a car.Then,if I win this competition,it could help me and my family to go everywhere we want.Then,I think I can win this competition.Then,I could use this car to go to college easily.Seriously,my family are poor after my father passed away last year.I hope you can grant me as the winner.

Next,my opponion about CAR FROM JAPAN is so great and many great and modern car from Japan.Then,the quality of car from japan help people to do not worry about the car will be damaged.Then,this company was tremendous because it is worldwide company.Then,again I hope Ican win this competition.

Lastly,I very grateful to Miss Lan Phan because make this competition and hope you in a healthy body forever.

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