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I have been a friend of Car from Japan for so long now, I like the Japan car because they are very powerful and here in Tanzania people they do them admire much but they don’t know where to access them, most people think that to get them is very tough because they know that to get the car from Japan you should flight up to Japan to buy and they fail to get them thinking of transport cost, so if I get one I will be a good ambassador of them telling them that if you want to buy a car you can email the car from Japan and bring you here in Tanzania

CAR FROM JAPAN are the most acceptable cars here in Tanzania every where where I mentioned the car from Japan every body appreciated and every person here prefers the car from Japan
The car from Japan are very powerful so they can best to our load which most are rough road

It is my belief that if I win this competition most people will come to me to find where they can get a car like mine and will be free to tell them and instruct them where they can access it

I would like to assure you that most Tanzanian prefer car from Japan so it is my wish once I get one I will a good representative of them since people will see me driving so I will attract majority of them and I hope you will get many people asking the car from Japan

Since I joined this competition I faced many people discussing this issue most of them discouraging me that I can’t get car, this is oriented to some people and it is not true that you are providing the cars really, but im encouraging myself that it is true and I’m going to win it and told them waiting see me driving so that they can believe it
I’m sure that if people see me driving most will be attracted and they will belief this competition is really and not a spam

All in all I’m praying to God help me winning this competition so as for the first time I can own a car this will be very grateful to my family and that car could help me to accomplish my work at a time and I think will be way for me to win my life and come out of low life style I’m living today

Really, I want to assure you that if I win this competition I will be a good representative of you everywhere in Tanzania especially to the lake Victoria zone of Tanzania I mean in shinyanga region and other nearby regions of Tanzania

If you don’t mind you could select me to be your permanent representative of you campaign, I assure you that I will perform the better work ever and to this region it could be one of your best market for selling used car from Japan

I have been in in a competition for a time now, really I appreciate the way your running the competition you are so fair in all angle

Also there is one thing I discovered, among the best company in the world USED CAR FROM JAPAN you are the one because you make all people equal even those who had no dream to own car we can now own car so your great

USED CAR FROM JAPAN you are aim is good of improving the lives of people even of those with low life standard, this company is among of the few company in the world that run competition openly with great fairness among the competitors

Keep this friend of us, you have our great support, I have made your company famous to my area and I promise I will be good ambassador of the USED CAR FROM JAPAN
Much thanks, regards

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