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Mshamu kandindinga from Tanzania message

Mshamu kandindinga from Tanzania message
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Because, I feel good see every body in my country were using car from Japan

             Car from Japan  is very friendly to Tanzanian economic status, this means that car from Japan can buying very cheap compare to car from other  Western countries like Germany, United kingdom as well as united states, This situation it leads Tanzanian to buy used car from Japan including me.
              As well as car from Japan had high quality and quantity compare to car from other countries  like Germany, France, UK, United states etc, so many people attracted to buy used car from Japan than other countries.
                Although used car from Japan made for good and advanced technology, so this situation leads many peoples from developed countries like Tanzania attracted more to own car from Japan.
        Generally, Car from Japan had enough availability of market in developed countries like Tanzania, but the suppliers within the countries based to sell this car in single place, for instance in Tanzania people sellinh car from Japan in Dar es salaam only  while there are large market in other regions  or centres.

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