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MOSTAFIZUR RAHMAN from Bangladesh message

MOSTAFIZUR RAHMAN from Bangladesh message
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Dear massager
i think CAR FROM JAPAN is a relation making platform with economical rich and poor if they want to do something for society and wants to minimize the economical lifestyle Barrier.that’s ways they choose me.

Car from japan is use car marketer platform. and also a dream world for third world country’s people
One think is very much important,that’s are as follows

  • Car import a costly program for third world country calculation is, if you by a car from japan 1500 USD . At lust you will pay for this 9000 USD on in handover time .that ways you have to do something for pricing for customer handover. i want to say that,what is the lust price i will pay for getting a car for drive in may country. you may display in your links. otherways all are good

yours, Mostafizur Rahman

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