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Monica Mutinda from Kenya message

Monica Mutinda from Kenya message
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I went through the cars you have for sale and to be honest they are in good condition and for a more than fair price which is such a good thing because anybody can get a car in their price range, there are cars from 3000 USD going up. As I was picking a car the database was efficient so that I can be able to choose a specific car the cars are categorized according to year month model minimum and maximum price and discounts body type drive type transmission colour and others which makes it easier to find the specific car you want for the specific price. In addition there is a wide variety from the old classic models (my favourite being the Chevrolet Corvette 1991) that I happened to see in your catalogue to the new models. The range is really wide giving your clients a wide variety to choose from. Another great thing about is the shipping. This website has a calculator that gives the total that will be paid even after the shipping. the most incredible thing about the shipping is that it is well under 3000 USD actually most of the times it’s 1000 which is the lowest shipping price I have ever seen to the Mombasa port located all the way in Kenya. In the shipping category they also have options for where in Kenya you want your car to be delivered meaning they are willing to deliver the car to your town it may be Nairobi Malaba Taveta Kisumu Nakueu Eldoret Kisii in fact they can deliver the car almost anywhere in Kenya which is not only convenient but also time saving and economical considering the trip to Mombasa from a town like Eldoret is expensive because you have to go to Nairobi first or take a flight. Probably the best part about this company is the honesty which of course is the best policy. This company is very honest and precise about the mileage covered by each and every car and on top of that they give the exact number for example they might say 27,098 not below 3000 which most car companies do not do. At a picture of the mileage meter is often found among the pictures provided which proves their point further. Adding to this point I would like to mention the efficiency that is brought about with the numbers of pictures that are available for the clients to observe about the cars they choose. On each car there are more than ten pictures showing the external of the car and also inside it. Pictures of the engine are also uploaded. The pictures are also of good quality which is actually the best thing to do because most of the buyers are definitely not from Japan. The pictures provided are an assurance to the customers that the car is in good shape and also the mileage which I had mentioned earlier. Clearly I have a lot to say about from the tutorial of how to buy cars to the emails they send alerting you about discounts on your favourite cars they provide many possibilities for the average buyer.
I should be picked as a winner because growing up as a girl I always loved cars my father actually used to sell cars and he would get them from Japan. I would tell all my friends who were girls about cars and they wouldn’t understand. My best cars are actually SUVs I love the Jeep wrangler in specific If you pick me as a winner it would mean the world to me. It would save me a lot of time going to school also. Many people buy cars from here where the prices are hiked because the dealership has already imported the car but I believe if I win this car many people in my country will have knowledge of the existance of this company and also learn to order their own cars online without a middle man hence making it cheaper. Last but not least if I win this car it will bring me foward financially because once I’m done with college I wont have to concentrate on buying a car but I will be able to pay off all my student loan in time. I would like to finish this essay off by thanking for giving me this opportunity to apply for this competitive and also for giving the world the gift of being able to ship a car directly from Japan to anywhere in the world for affordable prices. I would definitely recommend this website to anyone and hope you look at my application as a way to shed light to your company and to make a young girl in Kenya happy.

Regards Monica Mutinda

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