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Mohapi Mofinyiswa from South Africa message

Mohapi Mofinyiswa from South Africa message
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Japan is an island in the Pacific ocean, it is a mountainous place with dense cuties and many temples with bullet trains that connects the main islands. Japan is known to be the world second largest producer of automobiles in the whole world wide.

CAR FROM JAPAN has been manufactured since 1960s and it has been the largest and prominent industry in the world, CAR FROM JAPAN industry rapidly increased during 1970s and 1990s when it was oriented for both domestic use and worldwide export.

CAR FROM JAPAN I don’t know much about them but what I know is that they are very strong with what I have stated it proves that even Japanese used car is reliable.
(CAR FROM JAPAN) people don’t get to worry when they purchase one because they know how strong they are and how safe they are aswell.
With the short interviews I’ve conducted with people about CAR FROM JAPAN and Japanese used car I got a good feed back people are very happy and they don’t regret owning a CAR FROM JAPAN.
I should win the competion firstly because I’m fan of cars not just any car but the ones Japan produce, I have always wished to win something In my life, winning a CAR FROM JAPAN will be a great pleasure.

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