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Mohamed Ahmed from Egypt message

Mohamed Ahmed from Egypt message
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So first of all i would like to thank CAR FROM JAPAN for this absolutely amazing opportunity one you don’t get to see everday actually this is the only international car giveaway i’ve ever seen I don’t really know what to type here but I still want to do this anyway for entries honestly so I’m going to talk about any random thoughts i get 😀 With that out of the way now let’s see,Well I’m still a student so I don’t own a car myself yet however, fortunately my Father actually owns a japanese made car 😀 A cool red Mitsubishi Lancer (Shark) a 2015 model at that , the car has been really nice so far,thank god, feels solid and nice,looks good 😀 very awesome really except for the trunk size but i still think it’s a compromise one that to make in exchange for the solid build of the car, actually one of the main reasons we got a Mitsubishi Lancer was that it was one of the few Made in Japan cars and that’s even considering other japanese brands but here in Egypt we read japanese made as high quality whether it’s cars electronics or even smartphones if we need to buy something that is definitely reliable we pick a japanese made one and honestly i’m not just saying this to get more points,well of course I want more but even if you look at what smartphone brands we buy in Egypt you can see there’s a significant percentage of the market taken by a certain japanese phone maker and that’s is because we know how well made it really is. BTW and I know this is completely off-topic but have you seen a Japanese Anime (which I’m a big fan of) called Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood? 😀 there’s a character called Lan Phan 😀 what a coincident, back on topic 😀 I would be really happy if i win one of the four cars you guys are giving away 😀 Buying Cars in Egypt is getting really hard because of the rapid increase of USD to EGP exchange ratio that made almost everything double in price. maybe even triple the price in some cases so having the chance to win a car and a japanese made one at that would be like a dream come true. I would like to thank you again for the wonderful opportunity that you don’t get to see a lot even if you try. So I guess that sums things up I hope you enjoy my thoughts and make sure to watch Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood if you get some free time It’s worth it. 😀 Best of Luck to Everyone. Japanese used car FTW btw i don’t know if this has been sent already or not so i appologize if it has.

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