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Michael Angelo S. Mercado from Philippines message

Michael Angelo S. Mercado from Philippines message
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Ive been dreaming of driving a Subaru Impreza WRX since i was a kid. Every time I saw one of it here in the Philippines i always have this feeling of excitement especially whenever i saw someone reving it up. Oh how i wish i was driving one and if i have one ill travel the Philippines with it. and share you the moments when travelling. Thank you in advance i got nothing else to say but Please PICK ME CAR FROM JAPAN! PLEASE make my dreams come true.Thank you!

Ive been a fan of CAR FROM JAPAN, because of its great content in both Japanese used car and car maintenance, i love those DIY articles which helped me alot in dealing with my own used honda city 97 exi. learned alot from your articles and looking forward to read more of your awesome posts and great tips! arigatou gozaimasu!
-Mylo Mercado, from the Philippines

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