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Meshack Osango from Tanzania message

Meshack Osango from Tanzania message
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In every competition always to win the contest depends largely on the effort of the contester of campaign. Here the effort that I have put into action is sharing the articles of the Japanese used that I really believe will result my winning of the campaign.
I have been sharing this articles to my friends in my timelines on Facebook, friends on other social media by doing this it is one way or other of winning because I really quite sure it will result new buyers of these beautiful Carr from Japan.
I have many friends for example in Facebook I have more than one thousands friends from different classes of community low,middle and upper class that some of them are attracted by my shared articles of Japanese used car.the articles will make some other to be in need of Japanese used car because even their price is friendly and their spares are very convenient.

I have made some efforts known by many people around me baceuse I believe this may convince the judges of the campaign to choose me as the winner of the campaign of making known the so called Japanese used car.

I often doing this action of sharing the articles because I really quite sure from sweat and tear we get fruits that is why I am sharing the articles several times to the campaign of being awarded the car from Japan as the present and the fruitful of my hard working in the campaign.

Most of my friends are from my mother country while others from my neighborhood who are Congolese,Rwandans, Zambians, Burundians who most of them importing cars and some other goods in our main port of Dar es salaam where most importers of the Japanese used car are Tanzanians,these users of our port when seeing my articles of Japanese used car will attract them to import the same like wise. I will now play the great role of advertising the used japanese car to my neighbors with good results and will give birth to new buyers.

I am doing great role and now waiting for referees to acknowledge my effort in sharing the articles of Car from Japan to some part of the world not only in Tanzania and his neighborhood but also to my friend who are out the Continent have got the messages.
These works that I have done and still doing make the winner if the judges and the referees will consider the pivot role I made in proclaim their work to people who had not known the cars made from Japan and perhaps had little knowledge on them. I really know by doing this will make be aware of my action that will lead them to the right actions of buying the cars from Japan.

I aspire to win the campaign from my heart this is because of the efforts I have undertaken in action please pick among the winners.

Now Days Japanese’s car are popular all over the world they seem to be friendly anywhere and sustain the environment too. Cars from Japan are admired. I decided to join the contest to win the competition to spread the news about the popularity of the Japanese cars.

Car from Japan are usable and needed anywhere on the globe, especially in Africa Continent where there where no industry that produce cars. Countries like Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, Kenya,Uganda Malawi and so on often importing Japanese used car,because these cars are very popular and they are very friendly to everyone this means they are not expensive and that even the lower class can have these cars from Japan.

Japanese people are very hard workers from this sense means that the cars made from Japan even they are used but they still in order and they endure for long time and admired by anyone and anywhere even for the those who are the producers of cars like Germany, Americans and somewhere in the globe.

Most of the Japanese used car export emanated after the calamity ( flood) faced Japan in last years. Japanese used car like Suzuki Vitara, Rav4 Toyota Harrier, Land Rover and the like are the most valuable and usable in Tanzania today. These cars not their quality but also they are admired by many people due to their low use of diesel and their agility in motions that they reach people to destination in time.

I have witnessed Japanese used car how these cars are usable and vary strong and sustain environment for instance Vitz,Spacio are economical they using little oil but very long distance. This means they are friendly to anyone who wish to buy a car if he or she is in a middle or low income.

Car from Japan not only they are usable but also popular in the continet especially sub Saharan countries like Tanzania and his neighborhood like Malawi,Mozambique, Zambia are the biggest importers of these cars from Japan that seems to liberate them from walking footed and in a long distance.

Some people like Car from Japan because of their price which seems to low compared to other car producers which are not friendly to poor people in some parts in the world. Japanese car are very good in use endurable that can’t be compared by its price!

Japanese from Japan mainly made by Japanese as the producers of the car made.that is the fact that Japanese are very hard working people in the world and their technologies are untold.these car from Japan resemble their makers in terms of strong and durability.

Japanese now days make every kind of car and which are accepted anywhere in the world. Cars like Mercedes Benz were made in Garman only. But recently Japan is among the producers of Mercedes Benz which qualified as the same made in German not ony these but also car make of Jeep made in America now Japan is the producers and the supplier in the world due to the technology they discover.

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