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MERINO CARLOS from Mozambique message

MERINO CARLOS from Mozambique message
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Firstly I will be chosen as the winner because I am in the game and I am doing everything to promote this campaign worldwide not only in Mozambique. I am automatically promoting the Japanese car in the informal and formal market, even on the streets I am making people understand how to join the campaign and explain how important it is to use the Japanese car and talk about its advantages in Africa in terms of how much they Support the roads, as it is known that Africa is a country with access roads in terrible conditions. And at the moment I think the company is satisfied and is honored with my commitment, I’m working hard, I know it’s hard to make facebook people aware in Mozambique because of the difficulty in understanding the English language, but I’m trying to convince them by sharing the Link, because the difficulty is in the registration, even with this difficulty did not stop. I’m still sharing on Google+ and tweeter.

Japanese cars are better because I have never seen those who have already bought or those who used to complain about mechanical malfunctions, maybe after many years, I have just seen those cars set up in South Africa with thousands of problems displayed on televisions, cars Of Japan in addition they are better cars than those that the people buy in the informal market, in the streets with a friend etc. They are cars appreciated all over the world, it is to see that the United States of America makes cars more is also the lover of the Japanese brand. The Japan car, the company would not need to campaign because it is already millions of years in the market. Apart from other countries that have the power to manufacture, all of these appreciate the cars of Japan. There is a problem that disturbs buyers who are customs duty, which scares customers globally, although cars are so cheap in Japan. Point of view would be: the Japan car company get in touch with some countries in Africa to discuss import and export as if it were a Berlin conference. Without this happening the car Japan will continue to lose customers because of the cost of taxes applied. Example I buy a car in Japan when it arrives at the port of Mozambique it can cost two or three times the purchase value in Japan. This scares the car market of Japan. I in case I win I am able to discuss with my government about the export and Import and so I will be the member of the car company of Japan. I do not need to say much, this summary hope it is useful and know that inside it has everything they needed to know. Thank you for the opportunity you gave me until February 20th.

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