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Mercy Naitore from Kenya message

Mercy Naitore from Kenya message
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Dear Lan Phan,

Thank you for your continued effort to ‘Enrich Lives’ by connecting people globally especially here in Africa and facilitating trades! It is my pleasure associating with CAR FROM JAPAN CO.,LTD.

I got very excited as soon as i opened the link that got me to your page. I am very positive about this competition and look forward to see this dream of owning a car become a reality. My husband and I really need a car because we have to call a taxi every time we need to go out marketing for our ICT Company, but we are now positive that this will be resolved soon. It is a challenge for every entrepreneur to make innovation a culture which CAR FROM JAPAN CO.,LTD has and is doing very well. Through technological dynamism, you have managed to reach millions of people from around the world, with me being one of them and this tells a lot of good about you, that you are a leader in the market and this distinguishes you from followers!! Yesterday, on my way to town I noticed this black Toyota Prado driving past the bus that i was driving in and what caught my eye was [CAR FROM JAPAN] written on the door to the boot. Quickly, I noted the name down and on getting home later, grabbed my laptop to check and learn about you. The information on your website was very satisfying and seeing one of your cars in Nairobi, Kenya was enough to convince me that you are indeed the number one trusted car supplier in the world! I will continue sharing this link on several online pages/platforms, and most especially facebook and whatsapp which has a high potential of circulating and reaching as many people as can! It is my hope that through winning this competition, I will also one day become your official supply agent here in East Africa. And like Lao Tzu once said, ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

Looking forward to win my Toyota Voltz, and future partnership with you.

Long Live CAR FROM JAPAN CO.,LTD. Much love from Kenya to your great team in Japan!!!

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