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Melusi Simelane from Swaziland message

Melusi Simelane from Swaziland message
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I have a very good following on social media, for whom I know they will share the link and get more people to log into your website.
I am also a human rights defender in Swaziland, specific to LGBTI issues and I struggle to move around the country. Winning this car would mean a lot to me and I would spread the word on the amazing gift I would have received. And I am sure many people would appreciate your gesture. This would mean that you gain more following and people know that you also support a good course in a small African country like Swaziland.
I have been trying to get people to help me buy a Japanese car because of the affordability and the great comfort they​have. However I haven’t been successful in that.
I hope this is my chance.
I hope to win this car.
Thank you very much.

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