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Melchiad mbeho from Tanzania message

Melchiad mbeho from Tanzania message
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Dear Lan Phan,

Am very happy to participate in this competition, Japan Car Giveaway 2017 from Japan. It’s a golden chance to the people around the world to try their best for the better life.
In africa especially in my country, people love cars from Japan because of geographical areas as you know that more roads in Africa are rough roads, that give a way for cars from Japan to be the solution of those problems. So it’s very crucial for people to participate deligently.
Car from Japan may choose me as a winner because my country imports a lot of Japanese used cars every year for longtime since independence 1961 until today. As a winner and ambassodor of car from Japan, i will do as i can to fly the flag of Car from Japan to mount Kilimanjaro the torch of Africa. Car from Japan have to consider more chances from Africa especially Tanzania because it’s the center of business of those cars from Japan. I think as a representative of my country and the way cars from Japan live in me, with all respect cars from Japan have to choose me as a winner to represent my country and Africa.

African countries almost face the same problems, geographical roads found in the town are tarmic roads and in the villages are rough roads. Car from Japan is the solution of those obstacles, especially in the village you can travel as you can without problems as it’s car is genuine and affordable to the people. Cars from Japan is the solution of life in africa because anybody else can buy used cars from Japan at affordable price and travel everywhere. The desiginition of cars from Japan is unique which make the customers all around the world to enjoy the beuty of cars from Japan. Cars from Japan is the saviour of peoples life all over the world.

Used cars from Japan it become a solution in our country because in African countries peoples lives is still poor hence difficult for them to fulfil their dreams to buy cars but with car from Japan this is possible as you can pay half or fifty percent of the money and get your used car from Japan.
Car from Japan as the saviour of people lets start saving people by starting with me, it is my ambitious to have my own car from Japan so this is a great oportunities for me and my family to own my genuine car from Japan so let me have it please.

With diligently, i think i will be considered as the winner of this competition of Car from Japan and Japan Car Giveaway 2017.

Melchiad mbeho( mr).

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