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McDonald Saizi from Malawi message

McDonald Saizi from Malawi message
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If I would be picked as a winner I will be very happy and the car will assist me in achieving my dreams in life. My car will be used in supporting different groups of people including underprevilaged groups such as the poor and the needy in different ways. Malawi being one of the poorest countries in the world it is very difficult to buy brand new cars from elsewhere but with these second hand cars from Japan some are able to purchse. This will be my first car and once I get it I will do all what it will take for me to buy more out of this one because I will use it for business to generate more income. Beside using the car for business it will also assist me in my habit of supporting the vulnerable groups (orphans, elderly, widows, people with disabilities and chronically ill) in my home village. I used to buy different items from town and distributing it for free to them therefore it will help in transporting the items as well as sourcing more support to be donated to these vulnerable groups,.
Cars from Japan are reliable, durable and affordable therefore I would encourage people from all over the the world to buy and use cars from Japan and they will not regret. It is very easy to find the spare parts for the cars from Japan. These spares are affordable and it will be easy to keep the car moving for a long time.

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