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McDonald Ittu from Micronesia message

McDonald Ittu from Micronesia message
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Well, first of all I would like to thank God for allowing me this rare opportunity to participate in this competition initiated by Car From Japan Co., LTD. I have been a customer for quiet some times now and I have enjoyed my membership in the company. So far, I have manage to own around six to seven vehicles and all were imported from Japan. I have been very satisfied about the performances of the vehicles and that have convinced me to go ahead and advertised them to my friends. From that day forward a lot of people from my island began to order their vehicles from Japan. I know that the competition will be a competitive one but if ever my name will be considered for the winning prizes, it will be only because of my initiative and willingness to advertise the company to my friends and numerous others. I am currently driving a Subaru sedan which I’m so satisfied with and I intend to continue purchasing my vehicle from Japan.

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