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Mbaja from Tanzania message

Mbaja from Tanzania message
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Thank a lot for your initiation of this competition. I hope it is a genuine competition and the winner like I am shall get what they deserve as their right. However it is from the deepest bottom of my heart to appreciate your cars and your models. They are superb and excellent despite the fact that they have been used thus this makes people love them I inclusive. Hopefully you will continue to sell them to different parts of the world.
As a matter of advice, because your models compete with other models ,it would sound wise in the eyes of business to have agents all over the world to avoid the money laundry which can be done by the cyper criminals pretending to be your agents. This can help the victim of circumstance to do a follow and help the police to trace the criminals. Sometimes the agents might be present but if they are not known by the customers then it becomes difficult to obtain their services.
Apart from that the business world needs trust and confidence. To trust somebody and have confidence in him or her needs a physical contact first and not just an imaginary contact which can create unnecessary stress and doubtfulness. In this way the scrupulous businesspersons will have no room to con your customers.
Business must be exposed to the people using different mass media and not just social media because it is not true that majority of the population who would like to buy a car from your company have the knowledge and accessibility to internet but through mass media they Will get that business news.
The company must have a plan and a target of the customers to be served in a day,month, year, half decade and decade so that you can capture a wider market either in Tanzania, East Africa, ,Africa and the entire globe..
Quality and durability of your cars must also be improved . This will help you beat your competitors With the gift that you are giving out makes it the best way to attract more customers presumably seeing a poor man and Crimpled like i am getting a beautiful car like that one, you shall have proved to the world that your company is the best and more vehicles will be bought.
Since I am knowledgeable in doing all the above mentioned ways of getting customers, if I am given that car then expect to sell as if you had not sold vehicles previously, how
—¹; I will try my best to expose the facts to the people and convince them on how best your items are through the mass media and social media but even displaying it for people to see it in the mass media like TV.
2i will wisely use it and better my economy so that I can employ people whom I will encourage to buy cars from your company once they have become better off financially. One purchase from your company shall primidally increase more purchase..
3 I shall be the ambassador of your company and dearly make people desire to buy more vehicles from your company either for personal use and office use
—4 I shall create awareness among my country men and more so those who live in the rural areas to know the importance of keeping time which can only be done using car as a means of transport which can save time. This will really help boost the sales of cars
—5Japanese cars are friendly to the environment thus using it shall not cause havoc in human life and affect negatively the ecosystem thus I shall encourage people to use them without fear hence more importation s of vehicles from your company.
—-6 As a user of Japanese vehicle I shall strive as much as I can to prosper so that other people can emulate my prosperity by buying vehicles from your company hence boost your sales and the prosperity of your company.
—-7 For the durability and quality of the car to be maintained and sustained for a long time reckless and careless driving must be avoided in order to reduce the risk of causing damage to the car since the more the car lasts the more name it acquires for the company the more the likelihood of increasing the sales.
—8 I will be a good advisor of your company on the demand of the local market so that you increase the manufacturing of vehicles following the demand that I shall create when I shall be using the car in case I emerge the winner and get it for both personal and business use.
—9. Since the population of East Africa have emerged to become one of the biggest market in Africa, the provision of gifts as incentives to the buyers is realised to be very important for theJapanese products specifically the cars. This is one the business techniques which I shall use to make Japanese cars known to other people all over East Africa hence increase the purchasing capacity which shall be beneficial to the company and customers as well.
—- 10 I will never say anything negative on Japanese cars instead I shall advise the company where possible but let people know that your car is the best
— 11 I shall be your marketing advisor from East Africa where I will be informing of the demand of the market. This will help you increase your sales .
—12 The company shall be free contact at any time in case they do need marketing research which can be helpful to the development of the company.
—-13 In case of any help that can lead to the progress of the company, I will be voluntary representative in East Africa if my assistance shall be needed. This will be one of the ways of passing my thanks and appreciations to the company for their great help of giving me that beautiful and glittering car

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