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Matungwa Godfrey from Tanzania message

Matungwa Godfrey from Tanzania message
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I should be picked as a winner because this is a great opportunity for me to show how i will apply my efforts towards the winning of this prize by following the instructions you laid down in my profile.
Cars from Japan are strong, comfortable, economical and not too expensive. In this, every body with a bit low income earning can get him or herself driving a car from Japan rather than those from else where.
Personally i do like them because i grew with them and am living with them here in Tanzania so am crediting them excellently. They have eased people’s lives in Our Country more especially in my area Bukoba in moving from point to point. People have made money using cars from Japan in Transportation hence improving their standards of living and paying tax to the country as well. Thanks very much. Pray for me to win.

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