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Matthews Mpofu from Malawi message

Matthews Mpofu from Malawi message
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Greetings from Matthews! To begin with, very appreciative for the initiative ! Actually, my work have been serving the communities in environmental management, of which I do face challenges to reach them to share my experiences and expertise in sustainable environmental management using the permaculture approaches. The activities includes establishment of home gardens, food forest, recycling of wastes, productive school environment, climate change mitigation and sustainable health living. Some of the perpetual challenges have been lack of transport, seasonal accessibility, poor time management, rough roads, unreliable link with communities and indeed failure to monitor the implementation of the activities. These challenges have contributed to failure in reaching the targeted communities, people are not able to access to the available environmental services which could have empowered, strengthen their livelihood, learners and teachers being failing to have good learning environment, even unaccessible to food production of good nutrition, experiencing the negative impacts of climate change such as environmental soil degradation, deforestation, hunger, incidences of diseases, loss of biodiversity and also damages of homes and buildings because of poorly designs. Therefore, having the knowledge of community permaculture would help them to create and live sustainable environment in harmony with nature. Permaculture is a holistic approach using the systematic ecologic design to create sustainable human habitant . It is about taking care of the earth, people, sharing the surplus and promotion of reduction on the consumption of the available resources. It has guiding principles which includes using local and low inputs to produce high yields, multiple functions of the activities, increasing biodiversity, succession of the species, using the small scale area , intensive use of the resources and others. This concept is achieved through it trainings , demonstration gardens, monitoring by door to door visits and open days . The activities also include resource mobilisation, stakeholders awareness, trainings, establishing nutritional gardens, participants support, visiting sites , monitoring for effective and efficient implementation for the positive outcomes. Therefore, from the above explanation, you can appreciate and acknowledge that my work involves travelling to reach the vulnerable communities, need more people to train the communities, mobilising resources which having a vehicle is a necessity. Yes, I have been trying to save something to have it for the activities, however, our economic instabilities have made to seek options of participating in this competition. It is very encouraging and inspiring to learn that your institution does organise such events. By accepting me to participate in this competition is taking such role of social responsibilities in sustainable environmental management, hence, being part of reaching the vulnerable communities to reach their needs. Histories and references have been made that vehicles from Japan are strong, road worthy, reliable, easily maintained, low fuel consumption, comfortable, affordable, easily transportation and environmentally friendly. Also since we are community based service providers, the people will appreciate and add value, hence, broadening your market catchment areas. It is from the above prospects that have given the guidance and the inspirations to make such a wonderful decision to partipate and hoping this continue having the updates on the competition

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