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Matthew Phiri from Malawi message

Matthew Phiri from Malawi message
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Reasons to choose me as a winner?:

1- I really really really really need a car but can’t afford one right now.

2- My job is a very mobile and social one therefore a LOT of people will see and hear about you and know how awesome CAR FROM JAPAN is…I mean who wouldn’t want to talk about winning a car!?

3- i WILL become your brand ambassador here in Malawi.

4- Did i mention i really need a car!?

5- I’ve never won anything before 😔

I think Car From Japan is a leader when it comes to customer care and sales of Japanese used cars. I have several friends who have bought from you guys, and the vehicle specs mentioned where accurate down to minor bumber scratches on some vehicle, unlike some companies where you don’t get what you see. Vehicle delivery time was prompt and safe as documents stated. The car from Japan stickers are always found on vehicles in great condition for used cars, you guys are awesome!

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