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Matovu Mark from Kenya message

Matovu Mark from Kenya message
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Oh as you’ve my name’s as Matovu Mark, am a youth leader and change maker in Uganda and East Africa generally. Although i dont have private means to enable me beat time panctuality, am charged with working with the Youth in any part of Uganda whether what or what challenge of transport I go through to them. So with a Car From Japan, even if it’s a used car, I will be able to reduce on the stiff overland costs of transport involved to the distant communities. This Car From Japan, will not only enable me to be punctual, but will impact on communities I serve by enabling me be a role model to them, the peers in the way Japanese Cars are just superb in improving people’s livelihoods via transport conveniences. So I kindly ask the Car From Japan company to make me a winner because my need for convenient transport cannot be understated.
For all the time, I have had a very holistic view of the Car From Japan Company, because many people have benefited from the vehicles sold to them. The benefits include affordability, credibility and purpose of the vehicles even if they’re used at the time of acquisition. Besides the static accounting depreciation principles, the physical depreciation rate doesn’t match the annual 25% as alleged by accountants. I have a friend who has driven a hilux surf for more than 14 years and he acquired it in a used state from Uganda. So I vehemently prefer sourcing my vehicle from the Car From Japan Company because of the value I drew on my own from the friend who has driven a Surf for more than 14 years and untill now it’s still under effective use to him. I believe the Urban Sporty manual Hilux Surf that I will be awarded as a winner will help improve my livelihood, those of my family, and communities that I interact with. Thank you very much Car From Japan, warm regards from Uganda and may God bless you in all your endeavors.

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