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Mathias J Sayi from Tanzania message

I am very happy to be with you Japanese used cars it is the best company ever and I wish to have a car from your company, because it is very impressive. most of people they do like Japanese cars because they can sustain in any situation. so I will be very happy if I could earn a car from your company and I will be a good ambassador in your company. Thank you for be with you. To join with Japanese cars I will be able to promote, to advatise to every one in my country so that they can buy a car gro Japan company.

Am very glad to share with different people in the world . I advise people to buy a cars from Japan simply because their cars are very nice and very strong they can sustain in any situation. So If I will be a winner in this competition I will be a good Ambassador to this company in my mother country and anywhere else.

Most of Tanzanians especially local ones they are not aware about this company so being a winner I will educate them about it and to motivate them to buy a cars from your Company so select me as a winner I will make wonderful job towards your company as an ambassador of Japanese cars and people will be attracted to buy a cars from your company. I wish you all the best .

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