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Mary Donny Lisakafu from Tanzania message

Mary Donny Lisakafu from Tanzania message
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Hellow Chief Marketing Officer
I hope this message finds you physically well

You should pick me as a winner because I think I am a suitable winner to win this competition for mainly 3 reasons.

  1. I have been a good ambassador communicating with various people orally and through sharing in social networks about the CAR FROM JAPAN.
  2. As a breast feeding mother of one toddler who takes care of him I sometimes get some difficulties balancing my schedule, working and attending my boy through public transport become too difficult for me.Winning a car from you will help me and my baby’ welfare.
    3.As am living in a society of a lot of educated people i believe I will continue spreadong this good news about the CAR FROM JAPAN.
  3. The other reason is, as a graduate who tried my level best to study under a very difficult condition as my mom and dad died when I was young, I wish now to be at least enjoying my work and living but i have been struggling to buy a car with my own salary but it has been difficult due to higher standards of living.
  4. The other funny reason as to why you should pick me as a winner is to prove my wrong perception on various announced competitions in and outside the country, To be honest I have never tried to participate in any competition as I have a wrong notion that at every announced competition there are people already who are planned to win. I have tried this so as the CAR FROM JAPAN to prove me wrong this year.

  5. Let me say about the second question. I think CAR FROM JAPAN is a good caring Company which does not look only for maximizing its profit but also to improve to share the profit with its customers. In really sense it occurs very seldom that the companies think about giving very huge prizes to its customers( For this I really convey my heartily Congratulations to this company.
    As I have never bought a car (though I really wish I could be able to do so) I frequently hear good comments from my colleagues about the durability of your cars, this motivates me to recommend the CAR FROM JAPAN as a giant for used cars dealers in this era.
    Lastly I wold like to say thank you for this opportunity, Be blessed for caring all the people in the World.
    Mary Lisakafu

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