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Marwa Ryoba Chacha from Tanzania message

Marwa Ryoba Chacha from Tanzania message
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Thanks a lot for accepting me to be the winner of this competition.
Cars from Japan they are more better ,durable and tolerate hard environments like ours in Tanzania.
We Tanzanians we prefer cars from Japan
Here in Tanzania I’m coming from the region called mara and from the district called Serengeti in mugumu township from kibeyo village.
Due to our roads which are not tarmac cars from Japan are the best to tolerate such situations of ours.
I wish you if could one day come here in Tanzania especially in Serengeti which is a district comprising of Serengeti national park that has got a lot of wild animals in the world,two game reserves and one wildlife management area.
All these institutions they use cars from Japan especially Toyota and Nissan cars
Me and my colleagues we like cars from Japan.
Sincerely I do appreciate your innovations of innovating more models of beautiful cars in the world.
If you want the best and quality car in the world buy a car from Japan.
I really love you Japanese for simplifying these means of transportation for us human being in these global

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