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Martin Ndege from Kenya message

Martin Ndege from Kenya message
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I really wish to thank you for the good work you are doing. Recently I purchased a car through your company and I have just cleared it; a marvelous piece of machinery! I salute you and commend you for the excellent job! In fact, I’m recommending you to to all those that are are inquiring about the car!
I’m planning to buy another soon and you’ll be the exporter of choice.
This is my third time to apply in this competition, will it be third time lucky? I am hoping so! Since I already acting as an ambassador for CAR FROM JAPAN here, imagine how much more effective I would be if I won this car! I would brand it with CAR FROM JAPAN colours and logo and become a beacon for CAR FROM JAPAN in my country. this would , hopefully, advertise CAR FROM JAPAN in Kenya in all the corners of my travels! would that not be wonderful?
So, CAR FROM JAPAN, kindly award to me this vehicle. Looking forward to being declared a winner.
My best regards to you all at CAR FROM JAPAN!
Good day.

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