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Martha njuguna from Kenya message

Martha njuguna from Kenya message
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I have had the experience of watching someone who is close to me buy a car through . We were so keen because it was the first time of direct import. No medium, no broker and we were not walking into the motor shop. It was pure Internet relationship. The purchaser got a feedback from her enquiry with a contact person. The contact gave all information required and helped to choose a good car and at a price within her budget. He even helped know what manufacture years our country does not allow for importation….we should have known that!! Through the process of inspection insurance and freight of the car, the contact person was really helpful and engaging that despite the distance between the two countries, trust was growing. When it came to paying for the car we verified the account and paid the charged amount. We got the details of the shipping line and timelines to wait for the arrival. We handed the information to our local agent for taxes and clearance. We crossed our fingers for the arrival of the vessel that carried the car. When the day came the car arrived and just as the pictures everything was ok from the color to the specification. After paying the taxes, the car cost way less than the cost of the same car in a local car dealer. can be trusted. It’s like having a free personal consultant for the purchase of used Japan cars. The cars arrive as new to the purchaser. Send me my Mark X and I will market the site to my current friends and my future friends.

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