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Marshal Bhunu from Zimbabwe message

Marshal Bhunu from Zimbabwe message
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It is good and reliable to do business with Car From Japan. Car From Japan is good in customer service and always communicates with its prospective buyers. I have always been receiving communication from Car From Japan via email, facebook and tweeter.

Car From Japan has a potential to be the largest used car supplier in Zimbabwe and also in Africa. There is transparency in Car From Japan campaigns. I would personally want to take part in all campaign by Car From Japan. I also am going to buy my first car from Car From Japan because I have gained a lot of trust in the organisation. I will also encourage all my friends and relatives who wants to buy cars to buy from Car From Japan. If possible I would want to be a car dealer where I can sell cars from Cars from Japan under a dealership program.

Car From Japan should consider having a long lasting relationship with Zimbabwean market and should even consider bringing their business close home. I also encourage the organization to also engage in additional customer services by offering customers with information about how to take good care of the cars they buy from you.

The use of the social media is also an important pillar in your marketing. I suggest a portal whereby the customers who have already bought from Car From Japan can write their suggestions, testimonials and comments of your service. That will encourage other people to buy from you.

Thank you for the wonderful service.

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