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Marium from Tanzania message

Marium from Tanzania message
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Japanese car are great product and always Japanese product emphasize on quality.The Japanese car and products are first choice for customer to purchase and it’s have high quality and durable the Japanese car run more smooth and as customer of Japanese product I never experienced more problem I like Japanese product I have power Tilla called Kubota the day I Saw the slog of Kubota ” For Earth for Life ” I knew its good product and the good news is that the spare part is available in different area
My brother use the Japanese car Toyata he never experienced problems. Its my dream to purchase and have Japanese car and other Japanese product because is durable.
My advise is that japenese car competition next time focus on competition like ” build next generation car ” here different scholar can design the car they want and chose good model I believe on power of customers always customers have the answer and what the need. This will br win – Win strategies such that winner win a prize but also Japanese company win Next generation model that next generation wants. Japanese car and product are best product with high quality world wide. More research and customers loyalty will help Japanese brand to continue shining today and in the future
I heared some friend say” Even a used Japanese car still durable than purchasing new car which is not Japanese car this show that Japanese brand and product are globally accepted, have good quality and good news Japanese car sustain their quality and provided product beyond customers expectation.
I would like to emphasize and advise if Car japan can design model like loan model where customer can order and purchase Japanese car by 50% and the remained amount will be reducted may be in customer salary through this need well documented MoU between trading Countries and Employer of the Customer but it can be practical because people want to ride car but they don’t have enough money to purchase this model can ensure Win -Win strategy between the company and Customer this will provide long term Customer relationship and loyalty
” Buy Japanese Car Enjoy your Ride”

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