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Mariam from Tanzania message

Mariam from Tanzania message
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Hello madam.

I’m very happy to have with you in your brand CAR FROM JAPAN. I would like to thank you for your ways of working.

In short I’m the woman aged 38 years. I’m from Tanzania in Dar es salaam city. I’m the car dealer mostly used from Japan and used from within the country. I have been in this work for two years now.

All in all let me go straight to my topic of which I select why should you pick me as the winner?
Anyway this can be a miracle to me or rather can be a true dream by having a car from your brand CAR FROM JAPAN.

Firstly I’m very proud of you because I have been dealing with cars as dealer here in Tanzania and East African countries. There is no brand of which has been brought something like CAR FROM JAPAN did. To me it is wonderful time that’s why I have decided to join with you.

The following are the reasonsame for me to become a winner from youreading brand CAR FROM JAPAN.

  1. I’m the strongest and faithful lady here in Tanzania dealing with cars and most cases and as agent. So through my capability if I will be a winner i wil be able to motivate other people and companies to have a good image and trust the brand CAR FROM JAPAN.

  2. I have a group in Facebook which called car dealers in TZ of which I work as moderator. In car dealers TZ is the group that dealshe with buy and sell cars within the country and outside the country. So if I could be the winner is where else I can witness to my group that the brand CAR FROM JAPAN is there for really. Or rather I could put more efforts to people to buy a car from your brand CAR FROM JAPAN because I always dealing with peoples. And in most cases they give 2 even an order of certain cars. To make you to prove this you may go through to the Facebook page then search for cars deals TZ. From there search my5 name Mamaikram kapufi. You will see my post and my followers.

  3. Dueach to the fact that I’m mostly dealing with cars in had a group shared called MAGARI SOKONI SHOWROOMS of which we have been exchanging customers if one of my customer want a car of which is missing in my stock.

  4. Because I’m very famous if I could be a winner is where I can promote your brand CAR FROM JAPAN because sometimes I have been called by the company managers to go and work with them because1 they know my capability.

  5. If you could select me to be the winner is will be able to make an amazing promotion in my page and my customers because sometimes people they normally don’t trust especially these imported companies. They don’t trust, but if I will become a winner i will be in the position of being a good representative of those who are not trust.

  6. If I will be a winner in your brand CAR FROM JAPAN is will be in the position of clear all doubts of those who are having an opposite imagination. That means to convert their minds and be very positive to your brand CAR FROM JAPAN.

  7. Due to the large influence i have and the experience I have as an active woman I think I should be the winner from your brand CAR FROM JAPAN because I will be able to motivate other women who 5 feeling inferiority of doing these activities of dealing with cars as an agents as well as car dealer.

  8. If I could be a winner i will be able to initiate a team work relationship between my group members and your brand CAR FROM JAPAN of where we can share ideas pertaining to the business and marketing associated with the new technology and new markets competition so as to reach the entire goals.

  9. If your brand CAR FROM JAPAN will select me as a winner that could be a big opportunity for me to become to one of your member in your company, but on the other hand I will be the one who will search5 for the market advertisement about your products as you know the more you promote the business the more you attract customers to be closer5 so as to get to know about the product or items (cars) you produce or you sell.

  10. If I could be a winner i will be a veryfier and being state that the brand CAR FROM JAPAN is there to bring the customers needs to the fact that of those customers needs in the right time and in the right place. As long as I have that group in Facebook Car deal in TZ and MAGARI SOKONI SHOWROOMS I will be able to motivate those members to trust your brand CAR FROM JAPAN. Apart from that I have been in good cooperation with other companies who having showrooms here in Tanzania so I will also put more imphasing to trust your brand rather than other companies. To take more considaration other than the other companies.

In Tanzania one of the business which is running daily is the business of buying and selling cars. So if we can coordinate properly we can expand your marketing circle and hence your brand CAR FROM JAPAN will be grown up. So what is needed is a mutual trustship between me as a winner ( representative) and you as a brand CAR FROM JAPAN. I believe everything is possible if you could have a good arrangements especially in marketing as you know nowadays there are so many companies which are compete in marketing.

To close up my message to you that is all about general views on the reasons as to why should I picked as the winner from your brand CAR FROM JAPAN.

Your faithfully
Mariam .

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