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MARCO ONG'OMA JUSTINE from Tanzania message

MARCO ONG'OMA JUSTINE from Tanzania message
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my name as i have introduce is marco ong’oma justine, strongly I’m the right person to be chosen to be a winner simply because of many reason as follows
first I’m the one who will invite many people in this company to make them buy the car as car from japan are best compared to other cars produced in the world,
secondly I’m the student whom i have the great influence to other students whom we are studying together in the same university, where when you will give me the car it will be like the motivation factor for students even the community surrounding the university to like your car products even they can be encouraged to buy you cars.
thirdly it’s my dream to have the car from Japan hence it will make my dream to be fulfilled,as long time from time immemorial i have been thinking of the way that i can get car from your home countries in spite of .been unable to buy my own car for nearest days of my studies,so i think this company as my begotten chance of getting car from Japan as car from Japan are of more quality compared to others.
fourthly my profession is also a point as i will use my profession to spread or to make this company very active since i have the knowledge on economics which will help me during persuasion to other people to join in the company of the CAR FROM JAPAN which in turn they will be geared toward buying car from Japan,
All in all the car from Japan are the best quality car to be bought by different countries hence it’s inevitable to be bought regardless of the cost.

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