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Maphillip Matooane from Lesotho message

Maphillip Matooane from Lesotho message
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Lesotho is my country it is one of the African countries that avoiding xenophobia they are accommodating every race from every world countries and every good thing from anywhere in world therefore most of Basotho are using japanies cars. Some are selling them I am one of those who culue the Japanese import car I always tell my friend and family members that I will drive my Japanese import car very soon even though I did not know how but I had that feeling and I am still have it even though is my first year at work in my life time. I think Japanese car quality and affordable they are also beautiful so it was in my dream to buy the import car from Japan even if I can win now I will still buy another car from Japan when the time goes after fixing some view things in my life, I like the cars from Japan and I can’t wait to drive my car from Japan I wish to win Toyota , Audi or jaquar I can’t wait I am really like Japanese cars and appreciate the affordable prices that allowed every mosorho rich of poor the opportunity to drive

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