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Manuel Samuel Manhiça from Mozambique message

Manuel Samuel Manhiça from Mozambique message
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I think you should pick me as the winner because I need it as others do. I’ve waiting for an opportunity like this for a long time. In my country there is a very big problem in the field of transport, people have to stay long time in the bus stop mainly in the morning and at the rush hour and the bus stop a always full of people, some of them are fake passeger they pretend like they want to catch bus but their purpose is to steal other people’s goods while they fight to catch bus. Every in my routine I everday have to face this type of problems, seeing people being stolen their goods and trying to protect myself from this risk.
The other reason you should pick me as the winner is to allow to make long distances travelling, doing my business because I my expectation is to run an independent business having a car I will reduce costs in renting car.
Years ago I was running a business with my brother and my uncle, during that time I had to walk a lot to the suppliers to get the merchandises, and this used to be difficult because I had to go to the college in the mornings and in the afternoon go looking for merchandises on foot and facing the summertime and at end of the day I used to feel very tired, almost without energy to do some stuff from college, I can say that this routine harmed my results in the college at the beginning.
The other reason is within short time I’ll have to leave far away from the town so a mean of transport should be welcome for me as for my future wife the one who is my girlfriend.
The oher reason is, having my own car it should let me go out with friends at the weekend, things that at the moment I rarely do because most of my friend live far away from one another, a car should bring me independence in terms of transport relief the problem that I face each everday when I go to the college. So I hope that this is my turn to win.
I think that CAR FROM JAPAN, is a platform to trade Japanese used cars worldwide, it has been working to provide to it’s costumers a better satisfaction with a corporate culture. CAR FROM JAPAN’s satisfaction is to reatain customers rather than making sales because good business is built upon customer satisfaction.
I also think that CAR FROM JAPAN, is made up of a team that worries about it’s customers because they give feedback on time to every customers doubt, it shows that CAR FROM JAPAN is faithful to its founding spirit of “Enriching Lives” by connecting people and facilitating trades, something that not every company takes for long time.
So, my overall idea about CAR FROM JAPAN, is it is guiden by its values, mission, vision, things that are not easy to deal with because of diversity.

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