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Manresha from Sri Lanka message

Manresha from Sri Lanka message
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Okay first of all let me introduce myself. I’m Maneesha from Srilanka and 21 years old.I’m a science student.And yeah, when it’s comes to my point of view for CAR FROM JAPAN concept; To be honest I’ve had no idea what this was first. But gradually I read all the information,Terms and rules of this competition.Let me tell you, I was so surprised. A car give away competition?This is the 1St time I heard about such give away as i’m from country like Srilanka. And to be honest i’m a car lover even though i’m a girl.And according to me this concept is massive step taken by Japan co limited. And yes it will obviously make a difference.japan brands are always a good choice! According to my personal opinion I just love the concept.I believe that I should get this car because I have a strong feeling of winning this competition, because I believe in myself! 🙂

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